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Just some of the people featured on MySpiritRadio


Marc Alexander (Folklore)

Dr Ronald Alexander (Spiritual Teacher)

Alexandria (Gawazi Belly Dance)

Alan Alford (Ancient Egypt)

Wagner Alegretti (Dreams)

Jim Allen (Angelic Healing)

Marcus Allen (Conspiracy Theories)

Dr. Janis Amatuzio (life after death)

Dr Susan Anthony (Spiritual teacher)

Zee Asher (actress)

Azizi (Belly Dance)

Dr Ingrid Bacci (Pain Management)

Anne Baring (Goddess)

Carole Barksfield (SAD)

Lou Beckerman (Sound Therapist)

Colin Beckley (Meditation)

Max Beesley (Actor)

Belzebuub (Astral Travel)


Lyn Block (Positive Energies)

William Bloom (Pain Management)

Echo Bodine (Psychic Development)

Codelia Brabbs (Goddess)

Nikki Bradford (Flower Essences)

Brama Kumaris (Yoga - Raja)

Jay Brightwater (life Coach)

Anni Broegger (Dance)

Lynette Brown (Angels)

Marie Bruce (witchcraft)

Laurie Cabot (wicca)

Adrian Calabrese (Signs & Symbols)

Jacqueline Chapman (Belly Dance - Pregnancy)

Gabriel Chavez (Nutition)

Margrit Coates (Animal Healing)

Camille Coduri (Actress - Doctor Who)

Chris Connelly (Regression)

Diana Cooper (Angels)

Lyz Cooper (Sound therapy)

Suzanne Corbie

Deborah Craydon (Flower Essences)

Tanya Curran (Inspirational Living)

Jude Currivan (Emotional Pain)

Damh the Bard (Druidry)

Sean Day (Salem)

Lita De Alberdi (lightworker)

Jan De Vries (Nutition)

Coleen Deatsman (Healer)

Lila Devi-Stone (Flower Essences)

Horace Dobbs (Dolphins)

Lorraine Doherty (Skin Products)

Dondi (Belly Dance)

Barbara Donne (Tai Chi)

Tamara Donn (pregancy)

Sonia Ducie (Numerology)

Cassandra Eason (author)

Vicky Edwards (emotional pain)

Jane Elliot (City Hippy)

Delphi Ellis (Dreamologist)

Lizzie Falconer (Psychic)

Gill Farrer-Halls (Spiritual Spas)

Prof. David Fontana (Life after Death)

Jodie Foreman (Herbalist)

Lynn Frances (sacred Dance)

Kim Frazer (Spiritual Teacher)

Philip Gardiner (Forbidden Knowledge)

Alicen Geddes-Ward (angels)

Uri Geller (Paranormal)

Mike George (Spiritual Teacher)

Michelle Germain (Psychotherapy)

Adrian Gilbert (2012)

Ginger Gilmore (artist)

Marilyn Glenville (nutritionalist)

Malcolm Godfrey (ghosts)

Dr Bruce Goldberg (regression) Part 1 Part 2

Steve Gooch (Reiki)

Medwyn Goodall (Musician)

Joylina Goodings (Angels)

Leslie Gray (Native American)

Martin Gray (Sacred Sites)

Yvonne Green (Egyptology)

Dr Judy Griffin (Aromatherapist)

Gill Hale (Feng Shui)

Ann Hall (Belly Dance)

Judy Hall (Crystals)

Juliet Halliday (Wolf Conservation)

David Hamilton (Motivation)

Dave Hampton (Carbon Coach)

Linda Hare (Dowsing)

John Harrigan (Foolish Theatre)

Claire Harvey (Flower Essences)

Dr Keith Herne (Dreams)

Emma Hobbs (Spirit & Destiny Magazine Editor)

John Holland (Medium)

Hugo House (Good Energy)

Paul Hughes-Barlow (Tarot)

Heiki Humprey (Belly Dance)

Ronald Hutton (Paganism)

David Icke

Immaculee Ilibigiza

Jacque Jamal (Belly Dance)

Renee Jasper (photographer)

Cathy Jones (Goddess)

Michele Jones (business advice)   

Stuart Jones (New Age Musician)

Simona Jovic (Gypsy Dancing)

Teri Kalgren Witchcaft

Sharon Keenan (Flower Essences)

Kahled (Belly Dance)

Christos Katsis (Aromatherapy)

Karen Knowler (nutrition)

Caroline Latham (Healer)

Mary Lambert (Feng Shiu)

Ian Lawman (Medium)

Helen Lederer (Actress)

Anna Leon (Flamenco Dance)

Mark Lester (Candida)

Leora Lightwomen (Tantra)

Sue & Simon Lilly (crystals)

Llewellyn (musician)

Maayan (Belly Dance)

Cate Mackenzie (healer)

Caroline McColl (Elemis)

Mark McElroy (Da Vinci Code & Tarot)

Angela McGerr (Angels)

June McLeod (colour)

Orit Maftsir (Belly Dance)

Lisa-B Magdalena (Angel Reiki)

Howard Malpas (Isle of Avalon)

Anna Maravelos (anger)

Bobby Marchesso (psychic)

Galit Massan (Belly Dancer Shisha)

Mayala (Bely Dance Kathak) 

Barbara Micklejohn-Free (Shaman & Musician)

Crighton Miller (Astro-Archaeology) 

Hamish Miller (Ley Lines)

Barbel Mohr (Cosmic Ordering)

Teresa Morey (Author)

Jacquelyne Morision (hypnotherapy)

Amanda Morley (Life Coach & Astrology)

Rima Morrell (Huna)

Lisa Munro (Psychic Development)

Dr Noelle Nelson (Transpersonal Psychology)

Jacky Newcomb (Angels)

Paul Nison (Nutrition)

Michael O'Neill (lifecoach)

Christine Oakley Harrington (Da Vinci Code)

Olivia (astrology)

Darrin Owens (Spiritual Teacher)

Pagan Federation

Ken Page (healer)

Naravi Pain (Fertility)

Dr Teresa Parrott (Reiki)

Susan Peabody (emotional Pain)

Vera Peiffer (Stress)

Laura Penn (angels)

Sue Perkins (actress)

Christian Poirier (Salem)

Mary Pollard (2012)

Nick Pope (UFOs)

Jill Purce (Sound Therapy)

Taymour Qabazard (NLP)

John Randall (Pentacle Magazine)

Gary Renard (Spiritual Teacher)

Alison Roberts (Psychic Development)

Helen Roberts (Sacred Dance)

Rose Rosetree (Face Reader)

Altazar Rossiter (empowerment)

Anita Ryan (Goddess)

Helen Savill (hormonal Balance)

Cherie Seed (essences)

Iona Sellars (Belly Dance)

Shafeek (Belly Dance)

Kati Sharif (Astro Belly Dance)Part One Part Two

Jane Sheldon Clarke ( Nutrition - Children)

Shelly Shiston ( Flower Essences)

Simon (Higher Self Therapist)

Gordon Smith (Medium)

Rosemary Smith (Belly Dance & Pregnancy)

Neil Somerville (Chinese Astrology)

Dr Wieshe Song (Chinese Medicine)

Julie Soskins (Spiritual Development)

Bronwen Steine (Reiki)

Brian Stevenson (Tarot)

Heather Stirling (angels)

Tony Stockwell (Medium)

Sally Stonier (Chakra Belly Dance)

Storm (Belly Dancing)

Vicky Sweetlove (Geopathic Stress)

Amele Tafsout (Belly Dance)

Gaynor Thompson (psychic development)

Alex Trenoweth  (palmistry)

Nanci Trevellato (Dreams) Part One Part Two

Vashti (Belly Dance)

Barbara Venn-Lever (Tarot)

Verve Vegan Reynolds (shamanic Massage)

Marneta Viegas (Children & Relaxation)

Wa Na Nee Chee (Native American Indian)

Mari Wallace (parenting)

Tim Wallis-Murphy (Da Vinci Code)

Neale Donald Walsch

Andrea Wansbury (birds & Angels)

Anya Watkins (Healer)

Sue Watts (Herbalist)

David Webb (Geopathic Stress)

Christina Weiland (Crystal Healing)

Paul Westran (Astrology)

Tanya Whannell (Abraham Hicks)

Ian White (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Jacqueline White (home spas)

Toyah Wilcox (Musician)

Cissi Williams (naturopath)

Jim Winter (palmistry)

Barbara Wren (nutrition)


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